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myDoc3D technical FAQ

1.0 : How to download myDoc3D ?

Testing myDoc3D is free for 30 days.

  • Click on Try it now! from the main menu, select myDoc3D, then click on the name of the installation file
    'setup myDoc3D x-x-x En.exe', and finally on the download picture (download).
  • Choose to the save the installation file on your hard drive.
  • Downloading the installation file setup-en.exe to your PC starts.
  • Once downloaded, double-click on this file and follow the installation instructions.

1.1 : How to install myDoc3D ?

You have 30 days to try myDoc3D.
If you purchased a license, you can register it from main menu : Tools / License / Register your license key

The process to follow is:

  1. download the installation file 'setup myDoc3D x-x-x En.exe' :
    Save the installation file on your disk.
    Run the installation program (right click on the file name and open, or double-click)
  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen :
    Among others, you will be asked to create a database intended to contain your documents.
    This creation is completely automatic. You will just have to set the location of the database file on your disk.
  3. Connect yourself with the username 'admin' and the default password 'ok'

1.3 : Register the license key

When registering a new license key, myDoc3D must be able to connect to the license server of AREALTI GROUPE.
It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that myDoc3D can freely interrogate an external site.

In case of error, check that your antivirus and firewall allow the software myDoc3D to connect to a website (http requests).

If you still can not allow myDoc3D to connect to a website, you will need to enter additional information record : activation key for your PC.
This key can be obtained by sending a request by email to AREALTI GROUPE (see address on sales support website).

This email will contain the following information :

  • the myDoc3D license key,
  • the email address used to purchase the myDoc3D license,
  • the AREALTI GROUPE invoice number,
  • the name of your PC (Computer / Properties / Computer Name).

This procedure is not contractual and subject to change or deletion by AREALTI GROUPE without notice.

1.4 : Reinstall myDoc3D

Changing PC
MyDoc3D must be uninstalled on the old PC, and then reinstalled on the new one.

Changing the name of the PC
Uninstall myDoc3D
Rename the PC with the name of your choice
Reinstall myDoc3D

Reformatting the PC
MyDoc3D must be uninstalled before reformatting the PC and must be reinstalled after the formatting.

Reformatting the PC after system failure
Reformat the PC while keeping the same name of the PC, then reinstall myDoc3D and warn us.

2.0 : What files can be stored in myDoc3D ?

All document types can be managed by myDoc3D.

Documents viewable in myDoc3D are :

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 2003, 2007 and 2010,
  • Open Office (Writer, Calc, Impress),
  • messages (Outlook and Thunderbird),
  • web pages (Internet Explorer and FireFox),
  • pdf files ,
  • rtf, txt files
  • pictures (bmp, dib, jpeg, png, tif)

Other documents
can be managed by myDoc3D with the following particularities :

  • visibility :
    They may be viewed by asking them open in the original format (in this case myDoc3D automatically calls the software that was used to create the document).
  • keyword Search :
    Keywords search will be done on the notes that you can associate to each document.

2.1 : What are the constraints configuration?

Operating system
myDoc3D runs on the following versions of Windows:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 32-bit or 63-bit mode.

PC Users
myDoc3D must be installed on each user's PC.
PC should have 4 GB of RAM (2 GB minimum).
myDoc3D can not be installed on a small PC.

Multi-user mode
To share the same documents with multiple users, the PC must be on the same LAN (Ethernet or Wifi).

2.3 : Where are stored the documents?

Documents imported into myDoc3D are stored in a database.
This database is materialized by a single file.
This file can be located on the hard drive of the user's PC, to a USB drive, external drive or a disk shared on the local network.
If you have a server, you can save this file on it. The only condition is that the file is accessible to PC users.
To set the file database location in myDoc3D, use this function from the menu : Document / Selecting the database documents.
This function allows to define the link (location) of the database file to use.
You can create as many databases as you want.

Each imported document is saved in the database in its original format (compressed).
To view a document, myDoc3D offers two possibilities:
- View the document in PDF format: then myDoc3D converts document in PDF on the fly (emails, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, images, txt)
- Modify or view the document in its original format: myDoc3D will open the document with the software that was used to create it (eg launch of Word to open a .doc document)
Size of a database
The database size depends on the number and nature of the registered documents.
The documents are compressed before being stored. The compression ratio can be important on Word files, for example, but practically nil with image files.
For example, a base used by one of our clients, with 18,000 documents, has a size of 2.6 GB.

The maximum size of the database is the maximum size that a file may be in your system.
There are two file systems: FAT32 and NTFS
FAT32 is mostly used on older versions of Windows (95, 98, Me). The maximum file size is 4 GB.
NTFS is currently used by Windows system. The file size is not limited.

2.4 : Can do you edit a document in myDoc3D?

Editing a Document

The process of editing a document is:

  1. From the list of documents: Right-click the line of the document and select the function Open file in original format:
    In this case, myDoc3D opens the document with the software that was used to create it (eg Word for a xxx.doc)

  2. You edit the document with this software, save and close it.

  3. Mydoc3D then offers the following choices:
    - Replace the file in myDoc3D by the modified file
    - Do not save the file in myDoc3D
    - Create a new version of the document in myDoc3D

2.5 : How easily import or export documents?

Import documents
To import documents, you can use the Import command and use the Import window.
You can simply drag / drop file documents with the mouse from your file browser or email client to myDoc3D.

If you have previously appointed a valid classification for import (at least one class, group and document type), the documents are directly imported into the rankings.

You can drag / drop files with the mouse on the home window, the Classification window or on the window of the list of documents.

Exporting Documents
To retrieve documents outside myDoc3D in their original format, you can use the drag / drop in the opposite direction.
If you hold down the Alt key during the drag / drop, documents are extracted in Pdf format.

2.6 : How to share documents between several users?

Multi-user mode
myDoc3D can operate in
multi-user mode, on a LAN.

Documents are saved by myDoc3D in a database.
This database is materialized by a single file.
In order that multiple PCs can access the same document, the file of the database must be visible on the local network by the PC, and myDoc3D must be installed on each PC user.
To set the file database location in myDoc3D, use this function from the menu : Document / Selecting the database documents.
This function allows to define the link (location) of the database file to use.

User Profiles
For information, it is possible to define user profiles. You can specify for each user documents he can access and functions of myDoc3D he can use.

2.7 : Can do we customize the columns of the table documents?

Columns default settings
It always applies when all document types are selected (All in the first column of the WHAT).
You can only change the title of the columns: right-click the column header and choose Change the column name

Setting columns for a document type
You can set your columns differently for each type of document.
The procedure is as follows:
- Select in WHAT the type of documents you want to set the columns.
- List the corresponding documents.
- Set the columns (show, hide, rename) :
  Right click on the header of any column and choose the function Set the table header.
  You can then rename, hide or add new columns (see myDoc3D help).

2.8 : Can do we use myDoc3D on a touch screen?

Using myDoc3D on a touchscreen
You can use myDoc3D on a touch screen Windows 8.1
The use of a tablet is possible, but is not advisable because of the screen size.

myDoc3D includes specific display functions on touch screens.
To use them, you must set the display from the top menu: Display / Screen / Touchscreen
You can then use the touch functions for zooming, changing page.
The navigation buttons in the document appear when you drag your finger down the document.

If the document Classification screen does not fit in your screen, you can reduce it by setting display in the menu: View / Zoom / 80%
In general, we advise you to choose full Screen display for myDoc3D screens (square icon at the top right of the screen)

2.9 : Management Scanners

Managing scanners
myDoc3D works with scanners using either TWAIN or WIA protocol.
It is therefore necessary, when installing the scanner software, to install the TWAIN or WIA driver.

Restriction on myDoc3D 64-bit
The TWAIN driver must be designed in 64-bit (not only 64-bit compatible). These drivers are still not widespread.
There are no restrictions with WIA drivers.

myDoc3D commercial FAQ

1.0 : What are the costs of acquiring myDoc3D ?

You can use myDoc3D by purchasing a license to use the software.
This license is perpetual.
The price and the number of personal computers that can use this license are listed in the menu 'Buy'.

This license entitles you to free updates during the term indicated in the menu 'Buy'.
Beyond this period, you will have the following choices:

  • to continue to use myDoc3D without new updates
  • to acquire a license for the new version of myDoc3D at a reduced cost indicated in menu 'Buy'.

1.1 : How many PCs can you can install myDoc3D on ?

Purchasing a license entitles you to install myDoc3D on one or more computers.

The maximum number of computers is indicated in the menu 'Purchase'.

The number of computers on which you install myDoc3D is controlled.